1. Is this outfit too much? I feel like its too much >_> Imma have a sweater too but I dunno >__O ugh watch me change into a barlap sack XP


  4. I hope a real war doesn’t break out because of Osama’s death


    not when I’m in the process of joining the military!

    Pretty sure we have been in a real war for a very long time, unless all those people dying is just for fun…

  6. Pretty sure this guide is for white people… white people of all shades of course. But still, white people.

  7. nona concepts

  8. Random page from my comic so far

  9. A comic by greenflavoredink, I want her to pick it back again :) 

    Give her viewssss

  10. Work In Progress. Sketch. I’m so shit at backgrounds T^T