1. I just took the 2012 election quiz and found that I side the most with Green presidential candidate Jill Stein. Who do you side with?

    Sorry I retook it, I didn’t notice the ‘Choose another stance’ because I’m blind and stupid 

    Got the same person though, but I got worried cause the first time I took the quiz I was ‘43’ percent libertarian

  2. imma draw on these but i don’t know what 

    and yes I drank two whole jugs of sweet tea

  3. Its my face in three dimensions by Edward Arrington X)

  5. Drawn By Tyra WM


  6. Ugh wasted my time on another topless robot contest… I already got my shirt I should just let it go.
  7. Another Work In Progess, Judith wearing a BeeMan kigurumi. As for the reblog contest I’ll do it but I’m going to wait till I have a few more followers. Plus the majority of my followers I think are those spam porn bots so those don’t count >_>


  8. God damn you tumblr ask box and your limitations!


  9. I was posted on EatSleepDraw X) *twice*

    over one hundred strangers know what my husband looks like O_O


  10. superwtv asked: "Love ur drawings! How did u made it? So cooool! Keep up! & btw, how long does it took u to finish a drawing? Thanx. xx"

    First off, Thank yoouuuuuuu!! I use photoshop cs 4 and a intuos wireless tablet :) And it depends on the drawing and my willingness to draw it. Sometimes it just takes a few hours, other times…longer.